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Kenya becoming a playground for cyberspies


Tuesday October 20 2020

The weekend arrest in Taita-Taveta of a computer science expert Kenyan police claim is a spy for a western nation rekindled an espionage ring smashed six years ago in Nairobi.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti on Sunday said Archibald Mwandawiro, 52, who was arrested in Milondo in Wundanyi, “sends espionage materials to a country in the West”.

Mr Kinoti did not name the country. He said investigations had established that the widely travelled suspect is a computer science expert from a local university.



Digital portal to offer jobless youth one million vacancies


Monday, September 21, 2020

Youth in the country have been pressed to tap into the government’s employment portal for job opportunities.

ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru said the ministry will continue engaging educational institutions and local companies to help bridge the gap between skills demand and lack of jobs through the government’s Ajira Digital platform. 

This will result in at least one million Kenyan youths earning a decent wage from digital and digitally-enabled jobs annually. 


Let us focus on developing ICTs at the county level


Wednesday August 12, 2020

Last week, the Kenya ICT Action Network, (KICTAnet) and the ICT authority, held a consultative meeting with the ICT directors from the counties to discuss the outcome of the soon to be released report on the state of ICTs in the counties.

The study carried out by the KICTAnet research team sought to find out the extent to which the counties are adopting and leveraging ICTs in order to deliver on their county development plans.

Motivated by the slogan – Kenya is not Nairobi – KICTAnet believes that a meaningful ICT transformation at a national scale can only be achieved through enhancing the performance of ICTs at the county levels.

Put differently, if all the counties improved or made proper use of their ICT investments in delivering on their county development goals, then we can confidently claim that Kenya – rather than Nairobi – is the hotbed of innovation.

The county development plans outline the vision, objectives and the priorities of each county and includes the implementation matrix of key projects and activities that would be undertaken during the period under review.


Freshers scramble for laptops in Covid-19 era


Monday, September 14, 2020

Laptops are now a basic requirement for students joining universities and colleges in Kenya as institutions continue to rollout online classes amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

Nearly all universities, both private and public, have directed first year students to purchase the gadgets as one of the compulsory requirements for admission during the September-December semester virtual admission which is currently ongoing. 

Is Trump’s TikTok threat a good move?


Tuesday August 04,2020

I must start with some disclosure from the outset. I did not have a TikTok account until recently when US President Donald Trump announced his intention to ban it.

Obviously, I had heard of TikTok, the video sharing mobile app that is driving teens and young adults below the age of 25 crazy, but had no intention of signing up since I was born way before Google (bG).

The ‘bG’ group rarely finds pleasure in taking one or two minute videos of themselves dancing, cooking, laughing or showering and sharing it with millions of others.

But Trump's anticipated ban of this little mobile app from China piqued my curiosity. My mind was blown away and its not just about the numbers, which are by themselves fairly impressive.


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