The Computer Society of Kenya

Since 1986

Corporate Members

  • Ketepa
  • Computer Technics
  • Spin Knit Dairy
  • Housing Finance
  • Kemsa
  • Magadi Soda
  • Britak
  • National Bank Of Kenya
  • Heritage Aii Insurance
  • Kenyatta National Hospital
  • East African Portland Cement
  • Cellnet
  • Kengen
  • Computer Pride Limited
  • Callkey Networks
  • Trans-Business Machines (Tbm)
  • Samchi Telecoms
  • Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (Kari)
  • Harambee Sacco
  • Safaricom
  • Mbio Logistics Limited
  • Australian Studies Institute

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The CSK carries out numerous activities: Participation in International activities, Networking and learning from others, Promotion of capacity, Liaison with Government, job creation, economic empowerment, Education, Training, Promotion of Awareness and being a source of commentary and thought of leadership. Every member should find something of benefit form the following:

Advocacy and Liaison with Government

  • Promote values of ICT’s in government service delivery
  • Assist with development of e-government strategies and policies
  • Partner in developing incubators and technology parks
  • Advice in developing appropriate tax policies
  • Ensure procurement policies support local industry
  • Lobbying for appropriate legislation and regulations

Identification of business opportunities

  • Negotiating and signing MOUs with foreign ICT trade bodies
  • Tender database (local and overseas)
  • Coordinate visits of foreign delegations
  • Network through affiliate bodies
  • Publish news and market intelligence
  • Finance, funding and investment (looking for opportunities)

Conducting research

  • Annual survey of Kenya ICT sector
  • Target reports on specific overseas markets
  • Participate in international data collection and research
  • National ICT capacity census and audit

Participation in the formulation of other ICT standards
Participation in Technical Committees at the Kenya bureau of Standards

Strengthening the national brand

  • Promote core strengths and competencies
  • Dialogue with local international analysts (such as KIPPRA, IDC, Gartner, Forrester)
  • Working with informing foreign and Kenyan embassies, consulates, trade desks adopt ICT in Kenya
  • CEO workshops abroad (through embassies e.t.c)
  • Guide members in doing business in the region and abroad
  • Run Annual Excellence Awards for the Kenyan ICT sector
  • Generate Media Participation and Coverage of ICT issues

Hosting Focus Groups

  • E.g. Piracy, payroll software, service providers, ICT in HRM and Recruitment

Accrediting Computer Training Colleges and Setting Training Standards

  • Certification, ethics skills development

Coordination with other Local/International Professional Associations

  • Steering Committee member of WITSA
  • Member, IFIP
  • Member, Association of Professional Societies in EA (APSEA)
  • Associate, ASOCIO
  • Direct Member, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Participation in WSIS Proces

Partnering with Local Universities

  • We are negotiating to set up a center of excellence in collaboration wityh a local university to offer diplomas and degrees in ICT

Events and Development Program.

The Society organizes regular events and runs an active Continuous Professional

  • Premier national conferences/exhibitions

Providing membership services

  • Mails on topical issues
  • Regular E-Newsletter
  • Meetings for members
  • Members Directory
  • Support for SMES (policies, templates, best practice)
  • Making sense of regulations for members
  • Discounts for events and publications.
  • Trade and business insurance
  • Credit Checking
  • Escorts
  • ICT industry mediation and arbitration (cut down legal costs and maintains credibility in the industry by keeping matters out of court)

Managing the Website

  • Local ICT News in the Press
  • International Technology News
  • Member of the week
  • Member news and success stories
  • Member Directory
  • Hot links
  • The portal for Kenya’s ICT Community


  • Computer Age
  • Information Systems Management Journal
  • Computer Training News
  • Kenya E-Mail Directory
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