CSK is a Membership Society representing Kenya's ICT Community in both Public and Private Sector. To Join, download and fill the membership form and submit to CSK offices at Milimani Nairobi. However there are requirements that need to be met before joining the society. As a Corporate member, you need to be associated with ICT directly or indirectly and as an Individual Member, you need to have supportive documents indicating that you are indeed either an ICT Professional, Student or an ICT Related Personnel serving in either Private or Public Sector here in Kenya.

Membership is devided into two major categories, namely:- Corporate Membership for ICT Companies, Individual Membership for ICT Professionals.

In the corporate members category we have two types: the industry i.e. ICT suppliers and User Companies. In the ICT industry category membership is tiered as per WITSA specifications, as member type C, B, A and Gold

These information sheets are for the benefit of those organizations considering CSK corporate membership, for the purpose of giving basic information about the Society.

The Computer Society holds regular activities for its members and also to create awareness of IT to the Large Kenyan society. Amongst the salient activities are:-

Organizations admitted to corporate membership are either user organizations or computer suppliers. The user organizations, through active participation, enjoy the benefits expected of a professional society, such as their IT staff attending seminars and meetings and interacting with their professional colleagues.

Computer suppliers support the society as a vehicle for increasing IT awareness in the general Kenyan Society and thereby building the industry. Most importantly the Society provides a vehicle by which they can reach target markets through awareness and educational events. Also, being CSK members they are expected to operate within the CSK Professional Code of Ethics and practice, which gives assurance of quality and reliable services.


The main objective is to bring together all organizations that are makers or users of IT as well as organizations providing IT services under the umbrella of the Professional Association. In this way we will form a platform for providing professional services to the IT staff in particular and the organizations in general. These professional services include continuous development activity such as organized:


The CSK carries out numerous activities: Participation in International activities, Networking and learning from others, Promotion of capacity, Liaison with Government, job creation, economic empowerment, Education, Training, Promotion of Awareness and being a source of commentary and thought of leadership. Every member should find something of benefit from the following:

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