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Since 1986

Training is one of the major functions of Computer Society of Kenya. The Society offers both preliminary and professional Training. For preliminary training, the society has accedited colleges which are certified to offer the introductoryand semi-professional courses which are examined by CSK.

The Computer Society of Kenya is a one of the recognized ICT Examining Bodies of Kenya that offers Certificates and Diplomas in different IT courses.It has now turned to be a requirement for everyone looking for employment to be proficient in ICT packages and to certify your employer that you are computer literate you need a Certificate or Diloma from CSK.

The Exam Body is now taking new measures to ensure that the CSK Syllabus is equipeed with other similar training bodies in other parts of the world. The new syllabus, will be launched early next year and its a combinition of several syllabus from worlds leading such as International Computer Driving Licence(ICDL), A+ and CCNA-all under one paper.

For a college to be recognized as an ICT Training Institution and its Internal Certification to be recognized, The institution needs to be accredited by CSK and given the mandate to offer CSK Curriculum and Exams.CSK Member Companies consider anyone looking for internship, attachment or employment with CSK certificate more than any other examining body and an internal certificate from unaccredited college,regardless of facilities and expertise of the training team is simply considered invalid.

Note: Accreditation does not serve as an alternative for registering your entity with the relevant government ministries.

Check wether your college is accredited on the list of Accredited Computer Training Colleges. If not your internal certification may be considered invalid afterwards. Students have a right to enquire why their college is not among the list of accredited colleges below, and the management should take a step and contact CSK for accreditation as soon as possible.If your college is accredited and its not appearing below contact CSK immediately. Producing relevant documents and dates of accreditation. Newly added Institutions may appear differently for a short period of time as the data propagates in our database. For more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us.

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